– Products in the Rolik family can be mentioned as follows:
Roller-coil roller-coated roller-cooled-anti-magnetic roller for metallurgical cement-polymer rollers (Teflon) – Polyurethane-roller rubber coated (bumpers) – Candy-tapered roller bearings-Guide-bumpers-Bandamund-Roller base types Unlimited Dimensions …

– Among the productions in the drama section are the following:
Normal drum with a compassionate exchange – I have locked it
Manufacture of material handling buckets (eulator spool)

• Technical introduction of Asarol production rolls
Technically, the depth of the container in the roll is about 52 mm. This type of condition improves the condition of the bowls and improves the condition of the silage (most rollers produce a chamber of about 42 millimeter). Roller sealing with a sintered number and six polyurethane wear rings, the roller bearings are positioned exactly in the same radius so that in continuous rotations they reduce the wear between ball bearings and increase the life of the bearings. The micrometers are all aligned in the same direction. In the case of a shaft dual, two bird markers are visible, which is due to high precision balances.

• Customers
The major products of Asarool Engineering and Engineering Group are the orders of the partner companies and some of the companies that have been directly involved are as follows:
Shahrood Cement – Tehran Cement – East Cement – Mazandaran – Cement – Qom – Cement – Cement – Bijnord – Cement – Ilam – Concentrate – Zarand – Kerman – Saba – Noor – Copper – Kerman – Pedram – Kishi – Apadana – Tile Saadi and …