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About Asarol Technical & Engineering Group
As a reliable Iranian manufacturer, we have been able to create a landmark in the domestic industries through the use of advanced equipment for the production of high quality, high quality rolls of all sizes and at the best prices. This is what we have been able to offer ourselves well and successfully supply our customers with these kinds of products.


– Among the productions in the drama section are the following:

Normal Drum – Replaced Concert Drum – I’ve Locked Up Making All kinds of Material Buckets (Eulator Spoon)

Conveyor belt constants:
Design, construction, installation of drum conveyors / conveyors and spare parts of drills repairing the installation of conveyor belts and conveyor belt conveyors and rollers offering a wide range of conveyor drums, production with the highest standards; prices Competitive delivery with fast and efficient delivery. The ability to produce various drums of different sizes and order in the shortest time for durability and high strength. Welded MMA all body is constantly adhered to using the process for installing shafts. EN8 . Conveyor rollers are from the new products of Asarol Industrial Group.

Types of Drama:
Rolich-Roller-Perissi-Rolich-Stainless Steel-Rolling-Rolich-Polymer Roller (Teflon) – Polyurethane Roller – Guide – Roller Bumpers – Plastic Roliches – Bandamund – Types – Roller Coatings – Impeller – Roller Conical Roller Unlimited Dimensions …

Roller types:
In different sizes and sizes, pvc – steel (steel) – Manufacturer of various types of plastic balloons Manufacturer of various types of balloons according to the size and weight desired. Manufacturer of different types of screws.

Varieties of baguette Evilator:
Manufacturer of various types of rolls based on the required size and repair of all types of roller base